The Magic of California Coastal Prairies

Flora Luma flower essences capture the transformational healing spirit of wildflowers, herbs and trees in Bloomfield, California – a unique terrain and microclimate in the nexus between Sebastopol, Petaluma  and Bodega Bay – where Sonoma County’s southwestern pastoral farmlands and wild Pacific Coast grasslands merge. These California Coastal Prairies are among the most diverse and the most endangered ecosystems in the world, and we think the plants here are pretty special. Read more about Flora Luma.


The Mystery of Flower Essences

Flower essences are gentle botanical extracts made from flowers. First formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, flower remedies work by exerting a subtle but powerful balancing effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Ro Xana Feltman makes flower essences in small batches with respect, intention and only the most pristine wildcrafted and organically grown flowers from the Sonoma Coast. Find out more about Flower Essences.


The Power of Synergy

When thoughtfully combined and potentized, flower essences become powerful synergistic aids that target the spiritual and emotional root causes of imbalance and dis-ease*. Flora Luma offers single and combination flower essence formulas, or you can have a custom formulation made just for you.  Shop Now.


Flower Therapy Consultations

Are you on a healing journey?

Plants love to help us walk in balance on this earth, and that includes bringing our own body, mind and soul into equilibrium.  In partnership with the innate healing intelligence of plants, Ro Xana Feltman offers a unique therapeutic system of intuitive wellness coaching and personalized plant spirit medicine, Find out more about Flower Therapy.


picture of a flower essence blend
a flower essence blend to invoke calm